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Nov. 28th, 2007



Hi ya all !!!!!!!
New fic from Mindy at the Ezboard........ go there and enjoy !!!!
Dani our begs have been heard !!!!... and this is a hell of fic !!!!!! Enough to deal with our KIBBS abstinence syndrome !!! It's WOW !!!!!

Oct. 28th, 2007



YEP... YEP.... YEP !!!!!
Is a good day today !!!!
I´m so excited !!!! MINDY IS WRITING AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!
I knew it some minutes ago !!!!!
I was in a really really crappy mood before ( today is a voting day here ... and all the thing sucks)but just I received these news and I smooth instantly !!!!!! MINDY MINDY MINDY !!!!!! HURRAAAAAHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!

Oct. 5th, 2007



CONGS to all the winnwers !!!!!
I have to say :
Kimberley.... I KNEW IT !!!!!!
Mindy... of course you would win... " The last Seduction " & "Crash and Burn " HAD to win.....
For you and for all the others... I say: thank for bring all this joy and fun to our lives !!!!!!keep writing forever !!!!

Oct. 4th, 2007



Hi all !!!!
We watched the first two MIBBS episodes here.... well well well... Let's see is not bad at all... but have to say , that there is not magic at all ...
They are pretty similar personalities... and she looks even more cold than Gibbs... Surely she had to developed this profile to handle her way in a men's territory like her job is... anyway.....Definitely NO MAGIG there... friendship and sexual atraction, may be is a good , safe and convinient arrangement... for both of them. Not love.

She makes me remember a bit of Dr Sedna Dunnn charachter from my fic DOLPHIN HERO....Is not about her physical appearence but the fact that they are both strong women, moving in a men's land... and Sedna and Gibbs as well as Mann Gibbs , play with the same rules...
And , "weird" coincidence.... the last name of my character (Dunn) has 4 letters being the last two "n" !!!!yeah... it's an AMAZING coincidence...Last names have their own " presence" and it was a clear perception ... how the last name I pick for my character sounded... Dunn, Mann ... quite similar.

For whom don't know... I DID KNOW ANYTHING about Mann when I started the fic !!! In fact we were in the beginning of the third season these days...

I really ENJOY these coincidences !!! They give me the reason I was not wrong with the course of action I'm going to give to my KIBBS fic !!!

Feb. 8th, 2007


two more videos...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nZmqOR9AQw WARNING> scenes from season 3

french MH Video

AUK AUK AUK !!! Did'ya ( NCIS FANS) see THIS? I never went for that ones in french... but I changed my mind from THIS ONE !!!!
WOW !!!


Highly recommended !!!
Who suffers from heart disease or insomnia , please avoid it !!!!

Feb. 6th, 2007


my fics !!!

oh yeah!!! i'm very happy today !!! posted my first fic yesterday !!!
I have received some mails with comments and i'm enjoying... all them !!!
weeeeee...... unfortunately/have to go back to work... grrrr...
but happy !!!